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•GG Crispbread is the lowest in calories and net carbs of any bread product on the market.
•GG Bran is recommended by leading nutritionists, doctors and dieticians worldwide.
•GG is the only bread product with 85% bran content.
•Our bran crispbread is an all- natural and safe laxative, alleviating constipation and aiding digestion.
•GG is 50% dietary fiber

GG is the high Fiber Champion. Period.
If you eat just 4 slices of GG each day, you will receive a whopping 80% of recommended intake of dietary fiber. Take a look at what else you would need to eat to get so much fiber:

3 medium sized yams (6 oz)
5 cups of raw, uncooked broccoli
7 bananas (8" each)
4 cups of bran flakes

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